Industrial & Product Design

Product Design includes the design and development of a product from scratch. It is a disciplined process which is described in the

design process philosophy.

Product design process

  1. It starts with the product brief, where we listen you. You need to provide us with as much information as possible related to the product.
  2. With the information provided, we make a preliminary design research about the product itself, the theory around it, the history and the existing products.
  3. Having educated ourselves around your product, we record the product design specifications (P.D.S.) and sign a mutual approval the PDS list.
  4. We then start the design. Firstly, the concept(s) depending on the sales agreement. The concept design can be sketches or even 3D detailed models, whatever is necessary. The purpose is to help you evaluate our ideas communicated through the drawings and avoid future re-work.
  5. After your approval, we move to the detailed design development of chosen concept(s). This phase includes the generation of detailed manufacturing 3D models or/and manufacturing drawings, depending on the initial agreement. Design for manufacturing is embedded here.
  6.  Fabrication of a prototype is usually necessary for testing (depending on the product category) so that we/you have a real touch to the product.
  7. Usually, design improvements on the prototype are taking place.
  8. Production is usually the final stage of the design process.