Project Description

✓  Synthesites (

✓ Industry sector: Industrial measuring equipment.

✓  Process monitoring and control systems in advanced composites manufacturing.

✓ World’s leader in industrial intelligent process (cure and resin arrival) monitoring systems

✓ Highly innovative company


✓  Cure Simulator

✓  Patented product

✓  High-end electronics

✓ Worldwide innovation

✓ Create an aesthetic metal housing
✓ Facing manufacturing limitations of low production volumes
✓ Complex sheet metal parts
✓ Integration of electrical and electronic components
✓ Create detailed 3D models to ensure high-precision form, fit & function.
✓ Create complete & fully detailed manufacturing drawings
✓ Create flat patterns of complicated sheet metal parts

✓ Industrial & Mechanical design

✓ Create complete & fully detailed manufacturing drawings

✓ Reverse engineer electrical components for product integration

✓ Implement & combine electrical, electronic and mechanical components

✓ Deliver fully functional prototype

✓ Project management for prototyping

✓ Project management for production

✓ Total quality control

✓  The alpha prototype required minimal function improvements

✓  100% customer’s satisfaction on product aesthetics and surface finish

✓  Both prototyping and production lead times within the tight schedule

Customer Testimonials – Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

A-Z Engineering is a one-stop design firm. Together, we create concept drawings which are then detailed, then prototype and then produced. A-Z Engineering apart from talented design skills delivers excellent project management services, delivering the final product at your door.

 “Eythimios Bistekos, CTO”