Project Description

✓  Outsourced by Philon models (small workshop) to A-Zengineering for a retail customer

✓ Rotating stand to receive commercial baby’s strollers
✓ The purpose is to lull babies and infants
✓ Smooth motion during operation
✓ Home appliance power compatibility

✓ Achieve zero vibrations during operation
✓ Soft start-stop operation
✓ Keep motor’s noise to minimum level
✓ High aesthetics & finishing
✓ Durability

✓ Design a robust product with adjustable brackets to take commercial baby’s stroller sizes
✓ Achievement of safe stability level
✓ Market research for small size electric motor with inverter & for non-lubricated high strength bearings
✓ Adjustable motion range & speed

✓ Zero vibration
✓ The customer loved the first concept design
✓ Product design completed in less than 1 week
✓ Design for manufacturing completed in 1 day
✓ Production required zero design changes

Customer Testimonials – Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

A-Z Engineering is a one-stop design firm. Together, we create concept drawings which are then detailed, then prototyped and then produced.
A-Z Engineering apart from talented design skills delivers excellent project management service.

Eythimios Bistekos, CEO