Project Description

✓ Coco-mat (✓ 50m € company✓ Export activity to 70 countries
✓ 28'' wheels bike standard "men's" bike✓ 26"" wheels bike standard "women's" bike✓ 8'' wheels balance bike✓ Project management for prototyping✓ Project management for production✓ Design optimization for production
✓ Build the most ecological bike on earth✓ Minimize weight & optimize strength✓ Combination of wood and metal✓ High aesthetics & finishing
✓ Create complete 3D model & manufacturing drawings✓ Create a 3D parametric model requiring many design changes✓ High quality fit & function & tolerance analysis✓ Design metal parts✓ Bike ergonomics theory✓ Bike geometry engineering
✓ Over 200 parts & 40 sub-assemblies✓ 20 revisions✓ Fully functional bike✓ Tested personally by the designer riding over 4.000km✓ Wood technology know-how implementation

Customer Testimonials – Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

Zannis = Schediastaras (meaning very good designer in Greek)

Paul Efmormidis

We made an excellent team, implementing many concept designs in a fraction of time.

George Chronopoulos