Project Description

✓  Christos Giannakopoulos (

✓  Industry section: Agricultural machinery & tools

✓  The machine takes a commercial diesel motor 2HP

✓  The cutting blades are standard size with a patented modification

✓  It is not intended for vehicle or self-pulling

✓ Design for easy assembly
✓ Keep manufacturing costs low
✓ Durability due to vibrations

✓  Reverse engineer the main tank of an existing hand-crafted part.
✓  Design a robust product, considering the high vibrations level
✓  Apply ergonomics for easy transportation of the product during operation

✓  Product design completed in 6 days (With market research & reverse engineering)
✓  Ergonomics are improved
✓  Mechanism for output regulation re-designed
✓  Significant improvement of the performance
✓  Assembly cost reduced by 60%

Customer Testimonials – Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction