Project Description

✓ AMCO (

✓ Export activity to 3 continents

✓ Vending machine for tickets with chip “smart tickets”

✓ Potential location of machines: In train/metro/tram stations

✓ High anti-vandalistic specifications

✓ IP 54 certified (waterproof)

✓ Sophisticated coin management

✓ Removable safe box with automatic anti-theft shutter

✓ Build a fully automated vending machine for smart tickets

✓ Minimize occupied space

✓ Comply to anti-vandalistic regulations

✓ High aesthetics & finishing

✓ Design reliable mechanisms for coin management

✓ Many design changes throughout the design development

✓ High quality fit & function & tolerance analysis

✓ Complex sheet metal parts

✓ Deliver complete manufacturing annotated drawings with complete welding specifications

✓ Over 1000 parts & 160 sub-assemblies

✓  60 revisions

✓  Spare parts minimization

✓ Completed in less than 6 months

Customer Testimonials – Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

With A-Z Engineering we created a complex product that required many mechanical design iterations during development. The project required careful parametric modelling techniques to hit the tight deadlines.

Otar Mtsentlintze, Product Engineer