Design Consultancy & Engineering Services from A to Z

Antonis Zannis

Antonis is a passionate mechanical design engineer. The passion for design was outlined at his personal life from the early student years when he started exploring the design of various custom-made objects, furniture and their mechanical CAD applications as a hobby which evolved him to a skilled CAD user on many commercial applications. At his early business career, Antonis worked as an application engineer at AlfaSolid, a local SolidWorks® reseller, and soon promoted to CAD-CAM-CAE consultant. Later, worked as designer for manufacturing in local sheet-metal and machining work-shops while at the same time was under taking mechanical design side projects. Finally, after gathering manufacturing experience, his life-goal for product design is accomplished by founding his own design firm, A-Z Engineering.

Vasilis Georgopoulos

Vasilis is an enthusiastic mechanical Engineer and a 3D printing specialist. He is a skilled 3D CAD designer, having in-depth knowledge of sheet metal design, additive manufacturing, and generative design technology. Vasilis is full of fresh ideas, which makes him a valuable asset for new project’s brainstorming. He likes exploring new technologies and likes always being up-to-date. Vasilis has great manufacturing experience in the metal fabrication industry and machine-design.

Aris Chamodrakas

As a senior mechanical design engineer with passion in knowledge & technology, creativity, artistic design and quality, possesses a wide range of abilities that combine innovative methods and design principles which he shares and implements in any given chance. With more than 10 years of experience in the management of the complete design and manufacturing process, he has developed and designed numerous parts and products on various industries and for different purposes. He strongly believes that anything we can imagine can be created through design and the management of the proper process, resource and environment which can be both challenging and fun.

Anastasios Margaritis

Anastasios is ergonomics consultant to A-Z engineering, when products include human interaction, He is an experienced Occupational Safety Health Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Anastasios has an “International Certificate focused in Occupational Health and Safety” from NEBOSH. He is expert in prevention ergonomics and he specializes in Physical Therapy for Neck Pain, Low Back Pain.

Efstathios Papadopoulos

Efstathios is specialist on aluminum profile design. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with a M.Sc. in Computer Technology in Manufacture (UK). There is a proven record of 20+ years professional experience. Efstathios is co-founder of Metallic Design Ltd, based in UK and he has worked as a product Design & Development manager, as a production manager, and many more. He has 18 globally protected drawing patents.He is an innovative product design & developer, analytical thinker & problem solver, with excellent communication and presentation skills.