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A-Z Engineering was founded by Antonis Zannis, a passionate mechanical design engineer. Read more about founder’s profile here. The company actually started in 2007, when Antonis undertook his first design project working with a local architect to convert paper sketches into formal 2D CAD drawings for submission to city planning commission.

For 7 years of hard work both as an employee and as a freelancer, doing design, manufacturing, 3D CAD, training and many more. During this period, experience, skills, talent and passion for mechanical design grew rapidly, which encompassed the opportunity to   establish the company officially. Since then, we have evolved our product design process by implementing new techniques. We are constantly aware for seminars and new books for product design.

Training is important and thankfully the founder, Antonis Zannis has tons of experience as he has been officially teaching Solidworks more than 10 years in AlfaSolid (the local Solidworks reseller in Greece & Cyprus). He has trained more than 1.000 designers.

Every designer in A-Z Engineering receives intensive personal training from the founder to become advanced user of SolidWorks and gain the basic manufacturing knowledge for the related projects. Overview of the final design, prior releasing any drawings is always performed by an expert mechanical designer. That is why, our product designs are always of high quality.

After all, it is not quality that costs, but the lack of it!

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A-Z Engineering is a team mainly of freelancing designers and engineers. Passion for design perfectionism is our common vision. We aim to help you turn your ideas into nice products, promoting the design and engineering of better products that helps us live in a better world.

Our team can support any project, regardless its complexity, size, or specialization. Some of our team members have published their profile here.

Our team includes professional designers, engineers, F.E.A. specialists and experts from many industry-specific fields, such as ergonomics, aluminum profiles design, manufacturers, technicians, and many more. Our team also include outsourcing experts for projects requiring custom development and integration of electronics, automation and software.

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We are based in a small office at a north suburb of Athens, but we work worldwide. Our office is equipped with latest technology equipment.

We invest in high-end equipment such as: 3D CAD work-stations, 4K monitors, 3D space pilots, CAD-based furniture work-stations, Mitutoyo measuring instruments, work bench for basic assembly & prototyping, large-size paper printers, collection of sample hardware such as fittings, etc.

We have carefully chosen our cloud systems for storing our-your designs with end-to-end encryption for enhanced security, ensuring in this way that your designs are safe in our hands.

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                                                                                                            ➢ We turn your idea into product
                                                                                                            ➢ We help you develop better products
                                                                                                            ➢ We help you innovate
                                                                                                            ➢ We develop sustainable products
                                                                                                            ➢ We reduce your costs by designing smartly
                                                                                                            ➢ We design with passion, consistency & coherence
                                                                                                            ➢ We design fast
                                                                                                            ➢ We have the expertise

➢ We provide a complete range of mechanical, industrial & product design services including specialized engineering services & project management for prototyping & production
➢ Parametric 3D CAD – We are Solidworks Experts, using advanced parametric modelling & design automation tools.
Systematic approach on product design process using “design thinking” techniques to generate sophisticated and feasible concept drawings. See our design process philosophy here
➢ Manufacturing processes know-how for mainstream materials (Metals, Plastics, wood, composites)
Project management for prototyping and production
Delivery of the final product @ your door
➢Fast & efficient design by having structured internal design process, CAD environment optimization & appropriate templates, which results in driving your products to market faster.
➢ We train your design team according your needs & your products
➢ We are a cost-efficient R&D solution

➢  We help you create and record Know-How

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We provide mechanical, industrial & product design services along with the relevant engineering services.

When you have an idea and you want to create a physical product, you need someone to brainstorm it, then design it, then study it, then prototype it, and then produce it. A-Z Engineering can provide you all these relevant services. We do design consulting and we therefore drive your idea to market! We do not have manufacturing facilities, but we have a complete network, covering the full manufacturing range. Networking is important, and we offer it for free to major customers. We can also undertake projects requiring integration of electronics, automation, software, through our network.
Read our design philosophy here 

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Business philosophy

Our secret to success is our philosophy. We are straight-forward and honest from the beginning, providing transparency to customers throughout the product design.

The skills, talent and expertise are also important (and by the way we do not lack any of these), but they come after truthfulness, honesty and trust. We build strong relationships, which is the main reason for the vast majority of returning customers. That is why we mainly expand our sales network by word of mouth.

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Design process philosophy

Our design philosophy is to follow a systematic approach for the design process. This ensures our services (product designs) maintains high quality levels.

It is evidence- based that, our approach leads in designing better products. For this reason, we have read dozens of product design books and we have created modified versions of these techniques to fit the nature of the product we will design.

A-Z Engineering Product design process for common products.

Product design process according the “design thinking” theory.

Product design process according to Milton & Rodgers.

Engineering design process as proposed in the book “ENGINEERING DESIGN: A PROJECT-BASED INTRODUCTION”

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Product design philosophy

Every product is different. Some projects require the study of the product, the related theory and off course its history.

For instance, to design a bike a lot of theory is implemented, regarding the geometry, materials, and many more details. Quite often, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and effort to gain a strong technical background for the up-coming projects.

Our core values when designing a product are sustainability and performance. Nevertheless, our priority is to follow the product design specifications for which we have mutually worked and approved before the beginning of the design process.

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