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We design & engineer with plenty of passion. We have turned our hobby, into work and we give our soul to turn your ideas into state-of-the-art products and drive them to market.


We are all Solidworks 3D CAD Experts. We create only high-quality 3D parametric models, and drawings complied by strict design standards. We have developed sophisticated templates, ensuring that all projects follow our rules and processes.


Our word is our promise. You can rely on us to catch tight deadlines and accomplish difficult goals. We are organized by keeping our structure simple, resulting in flexibility which is essential for the success of projects that starts small and grow rapidly. We only work with professionals, to keep the quality maximized.


Whatever happens in A-Z Engineering, stays in A-Z Engineering. We sign non-disclosure agreements for any project and we encourage you to do so. We have many customers, whose firms are famous, and their brand-name cannot be revealed publicly.

Antonis Zannis helped me become an advanced SolidWorks user. I learn SolidWorks in-depth, along with practical advices.

Fragoulis Thodoris
Theodoros Fragoulis, Mechanical Engineer


A-Z Engineering organized our CAD data, created design library and standard templates. Our design team now works 3 times faster.

A-Z Engineering helped me learn SolidWorks. This was achieved by designing actual parts of our machines. The best teacher ever.

Vassilis Tsopanakis, Technical Manager


A-Z Engineering is a one-stop design firm. Together, we create concept drawings which are then detailed, then prototyped and then produced. A-Z Engineering apart from talented design skills delivers excellent project management service, delivering the final product at your door.

Eythimios Bistekos, CTO


A-Z Engineering set the basis for our production development, by passing through the know-how on both design and manufacturing. A valuable asset for networking also.

Jim Frames Eyewear
Dimitris Komis, CEO


We can rely on A-Z for any engineering service.

Yannis Tsoumos, Production manager


The products we have developed with A-Z Engineering couldn’t have gone to production faster. A-Z Engineering not only released the manufacturing drawings, but also overviewed prototyping and production keeping the communication with the work-shops.

Info Key
Themos Anastasopoulos – CTO


A-Z Engineering has created flag-ship fully parametric 3D models for products we configure and manufacture regularly, so beginner designers are able to create new configurations and release the drawings immediately.

Michalis Polichronakis, Owner


I had the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Antonis Zannis in some Product Design projects. Antonis was the senior Solid works Designer and very productive and accurate under this role. He is a very well established professional with a full and deep knowledge of 3D design in Solid works. He is also excellent in problem solving in 3D design and with very good presentation skills in Solid works environment. All the above would make him a Solid works expert and a “must have” collaborator in relative projects. I would strongly recommend him and looking forward to our next project.

Papadopoulos Efstathios
Efstathios Papadopoulos, Metallic design Inc.


Zannis = Schediastaras (meaning very good designer in Greek)

Paul Efmormidis, Owner

We made an excellent team, implementing many concept designs in a fraction of time.

George Chronopoulos, bike development manager



Product design process became much easier when A-Z Engineering was involved. They speak the manufacturing language while at the same time they are SolidWorks Experts. This combination is necessary for designing complicated machinery.

Thanasis Ragias, Owner


With A-Z Engineering we reduced our product cost by re-designing and converting machined parts to sheet metal.

Diving Status
Ioannis Lixouriotis, CEO


I have been cooperating with Antonis Zannis from the beginning of his career, more than 10 years ago. His ethics and project dedication were obvious from the beginning.

Antonis Zannis is a SolidWorks expert, he knows how to utilize the tools of SolidWorks on every phase of a project, based on the combination of his limitless design skills along with the manufacturing experience he gained all these years.

Antonis Zannis is a “first class” mechanical design engineer, on who we can rely on and assign important design projects, while having the assurance that the work will be done perfectly, right on time.

Dimitri Manolis, Administrator


With A-Z Engineering our communication is simple and straight-forward.

Fanis Kalliontzis, Owner


A-Z Engineering has extensive manufacturing knowledge on both wood and metal. In this way, the concept drawings created for our products are complete.

Porta Block
Maximos Sik, CEO


With A-Z Engineering we have developed more sophisticated products, that we couldn’t imagine in first place.

Giannakopoulos Patra
Christos Giannakopoulos, Owner